Activating Community Engagement (ACE) is a community project that rewards customers for making small changes to how and when they use electricity

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  • Sign up, get your free smart plug and start playing GenGame
  • Choose to nominate a team or support an existing one
  • Join together with your friends, family and neighbours to help your group advance up the leaderboard and win prizes

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Win additional funding for your community group.

Join the ACE project and sign up to TheGenGame online energy game

Northern Powergrid is running the innovative ACE project in partnership with TheGenGame and Newcastle University.

If you are based in County Durham, this project offers you the opportunity to win funding for your community group, simply by you recruiting your supporters to sign up and play TheGenGame.

All your recruited supporters will receive a free “smart plug” (a plug that can be turned on and off remotely) and their engagement with TheGenGame via these plugs will earn cash funding for your group:

  • Your group will earn £5 for each plug set up and plugged in (takes about 5 mins)
  • Your group will then earn cash every time your supporters use their smart plug to connect appliances in their homes and extra cash on top if they allow it to be turned off once or twice a week.
  • There will be final bonus cash awards to the top three performing community groups at the end of the competition (£500 for 1st position, £300 for 2nd position and £150 for 3rd position).

The earlier you start the more you can earn for your community group.

The T&Cs for your community group participation can be found here.

So, if you want to play TheGenGame and think you can recruit at least five team members to support your community group, you can register your group to take part by completing your details below:





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Do you wish to nominate another member of your group to help lead the recruitment of team members:

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The terms and conditions for Community Group participation can be found here.


I confirm that I agree with the terms & conditions for community group participation in the Northern Powergrid Super League


I confirm that I am over 18 years of age


I confirm that I am willing to lead the recruitment of team members for my nominated community group or, where I have nominated another person to assist, I confirm that they are aware of my nomination and have agreed for me to pass on their contact details.

Thank you for your application.

We shall be in touch by email within the next few days to let you know when your team has been added to the Northern Powergrid Super League. The email will provide a link to sign up to GenGame from where you and your supporters will be able to select your community group from the drop down list of all participating groups.

Everyone who signs up to GenGame will receive a free smart plug through the post, which is the key to your community group’s access to the additional funding on offer:

Click here to sign up to GenGame

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