Amps, Watts, kWh
Units used to measure the amount of energy something uses or needs.

Cable rating
The amount of electricity that a cable can safely carry.

Current clamps
A small clip that can be easily fitted to the cable entering or leaving an electricity meter to help homeowners monitor the amount of electricity a home uses.

Distribution Network Operator (DNO)
DNOs, through their networks of overhead lines and underground cables, are responsible for operating, maintaining and repairing the electricity network to provide a reliable supply, and for restoring customers’ supplies after faults on the network. They don’t sell electricity to homeowners – they’re responsible for keeping the lights on. Northern Powergrid is the DNO responsible for keeping the power on in homes and businesses in the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire.

Demand Side Response (DSR)
Gives consumers the opportunity to be more engaged in their energy use and change how and when they use it in return for rewards. These incentives are provided by distribution network operators who benefit from customer flexibility because it helps to ease the strain on the electricity network at peak times.

Energy consumption
The amount of energy a household uses in a certain time period.

Feeders, substations and transformers
Overhead lines and underground cables that send electricity to your home.

Is the times of the day we’d like you to reduce your electricity usage. During #GenGameTime, we’ll turn your smart plug off remotely to try to reduce your home’s electricity consumption. If you don’t turn the smart plug back on manually (override it), you’ll earn Bonus GenGame points. At the end of #GenGameTime, we’ll turn your plug back on. 

GenGame Points
GenGame players start earning GenGame Points as soon as they start using a household appliance through your smart plug.

Bonus GenGame Points
Are awarded to players who use their smart plug regularly and agree to have their selected appliances switched off occasionally at certain points during the week.

Load control event
Also known as #GenGameTime these are the times when we will temporarily turn off the household appliance connected to your WiFi smart plug. You can always override the function and turn your appliance back on during a load control event but it may mean your forfeit your Bonus GenGame Points.

Low carbon economy
The UK has certain targets designed to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions from things like cars, coal-fired power stations and oil and gas heating. By moving to electric vehicles, heat pumps and renewable sources of energy like solar and wind, we will help to reduce these emissions but all of these technologies put additional strain on the electricity distribution network.

Low Carbon Technologies (LCTs)
Things like electric cars or heat pumps – new smart technology that is greener than traditional alternatives.

Network capacity constraints
There are different electricity networks across the country and each of them can safely handle a certain amount of electricity. If it carries more than it should, it could become damaged. The growth in low carbon technologies will significantly increase the load on these networks.

Peak load period
There is a surge in demand for electricity at tea time, between 4:30 and 7:30pm.

Smart Plug
A small plug that connects to WiFi in the house. This is the hardware needed to allow the ACE project team to control the flow of electricity to a particular plug and turn it off temporarily with the permission of the participant.

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