The Rules

To take part in the first phase of the Activating Community Engagement (ACE) project, there are certain criteria participants will need to meet.

To be eligible to win individual prizes you will need to;

  • live within the Northern Powergrid region (Yorkshire, the North East and North Lincolnshire)
  • Have broadband with WiFi in your house
  • Have access to a smart phone or tablet (with Android or iOS operating systems)
  • Agree to the terms & conditions for individual participants when you sign up on the GenGame website

If you live in County Durham your participation can also help a community group of your choice win a share of our Community Prize Fund.

When you sign up to play The GenGame you’ll be asked to provide a few details about yourself and, if you live in County Durham, you will be asked f you want to support a group already competing in the Northern Powergrid SuperLeague or nominate a new one to take part. If you want to nominate a new group, you will need to complete a short application form here.


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