Score points

Scoring points with GenGame is as easy as A.C.E!

As soon as your smart plug is set up and connected to a household appliance, you can start earning points. The aim of the ACE project is to reduce the amount of electricity being used at peak times of the day. That’s why we’re encouraging people to make small changes in how and when they use appliances and to see if people would be willing to have an appliance remotely switched off during peak hours.

There are two ways to earn GenGame points for you and your team:

GenGame Points

GenGame players (yes, that’s you!) start earning GenGame Points as soon as a household appliance is being used through your smart plug. This could be a kettle, a TV, a microwave or something else of your choosing. The more energy the appliance normally consumes, the more points you could be earning. The smart plug app gives you information on how much energy each appliance uses, so you’ll be able to move the plug to another household appliance to find out which tends to use the most electricity. By doing this, you can see which appliances are the best to use with your smart plug to earn the highest number of points.

Bonus GenGame Points

These are awarded to those players who use their smart plug regularly and agree to have their selected appliances switched off occasionally at certain points throughout the week. Bonus GenGame Points are worth more than standard GenGame Points and they’re only on offer occasionally, so it’s up to you to grab them when you can by making sure that your plug is active and in regular use! You will get an email when Bonus Points are available and you can choose not to play and forfeit the Bonus Points if it’s inconvenient. To find out more about the idea behind Bonus Points, click here.

Be energy smart! 
We’ll give you a tip: Electricity demand is at its highest when people are back from their day at school or work – between 4.30pm and 7.30pm – so expect notifications for Bonus Points to be available around these times.

You’ll want to earn as many points as possible for your team and there are a few extra ways to increase your point tally and therefore your chances of winning. Here are a few you can try:

  • Check your smart plug app – to see how much energy the appliance your smart plug is connected to is using. Switch your smart plug between appliances, the more energy they consume, the more GenGame points you could earn
  • Grow your team – If you’re taking part in our community team super league, the more people you have playing GenGame for your team, the more GenGame points you can earn. GenGame points equal cash for your team and the more points you earn, the more chance your team has of winning the league and earning a bonus cash prize! Here’s some simple ideas to help you recruit more supporters
  • Grab those Bonus Points – only the household appliance connected to the smart plug will need to go without electricity – all your other appliances will still have power. Try to choose an appliance that you’d be happy to go without every now and then to make sure you can get as many Bonus Points as possible!
  • Unlock extra gadgets – later on in the project we’ll be giving away more free gizmos to help you win extra points. Stay tuned for more information over the next few months!
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