Play GenGame

ACE is powered by GenGame, an online game that’s fun and easy to play. It offers people the chance to win prizes in return for making small changes to how and when they use electricity.

To play GenGame you’ll need a smart plug, and if you fall within the designated trial area of Yorkshire, the North East and North Lincolnshire, we’ll send you one completely free (for the first 2000 participants)! This smart plug is a great piece of technology that allows you to control your own household appliances remotely with the touch of a button via a mobile app.

When you sign up to play GenGame, you’ll be asked, if you live in County Durham, whether you want to also support a community group taking part in the project and help them win a share of the Northern Powergrid community prize fund. This means your points can help local good causes AS WELL as giving YOU the chance to win some great prizes! If you are a member of a community group and want your group to get involved you can nominate your group here.

You can see the number of points you’ve earned by logging into your personal dashboard on the GenGame website.

An illustration of a town with people in it