Supporting a team

The ACE project gives you the chance to win individual prizes but it is also about rewarding community projects, so when you take part you’ll be asked to select a local community group or good cause to support.

Once you’ve signed up as a GenGame player, you’ll be presented with a list of community groups already in the Northern Powergrid SuperLeague and from there you can choose your favourite. If there isn’t one that appeals to you, it’s possible to nominate your own community group to take part – find out how that’s done here.

All the points you earn through GenGame will go towards improving your team’s ranking in the Northern Powergrid SuperLeague. The more points you and your other team members earn, the more your chosen group can earn.

There’s no limit on the amount of team members a group can have, so don’t forget to tell other people in your area about The GenGame and encourage them to support your team! Remember each team member who signs up to play GenGame and registers their smart plug earns £5 for their team.

An illustration of a town with people in it