Hints & tips for recruitment

Once the group is accepted into the Northern Powergrid SuperLeague, you’ll want to convince as many people as possible to sign up and support your team. The more people you sign up, the more your team can earn!

We’ve put together a few useful hints and suggestions to get you started:

  • Leaflets
    It’s always handy to have some leaflets or information to help you explain to people what you’re doing. Community groups can download a leaflet to help with their recruitment here.
  • Contacts
    Start with your community group’s supporters and beneficiaries, then close friends, family and neighbours and see if they’d like to join your team. You’ll already share a lot of common interests and they’ll be interested to hear why you’re taking part in the project.
  • Community newsletters
    Does the community group you support have a newsletter? What about your workplace? Most organisations have some form of newsletter or regular communication – see if you can use it to spread the word about your team!
  • Social media
    Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are a great way of telling more people about your team. Convince people to join you by posting regular updates and information about your points tally or sharing what your group would spend any winnings on.
  • Posters
    Put them up in your home, village hall or even in the car! Contact Northern Powergrid who can provide these.
  • Newsagents/supermarkets
    Lots of local shops and supermarkets have community boards and these are a great way of raising awareness for free.
  • Team ambassadors
    Already recruited some team members? See if they’re happy to spread the word to their friends and family (we’ll send you extra welcome packs if it helps!).
  • Events
    Why not hold a coffee morning and invite your friends, neighbours and work colleagues along? Getting a few people together will make it a fun and informal gathering.
  • Canvassing
    If you feel up to it, why not try door knocking or leaflet dropping in your local area?

Got questions or have ideas you’d like to share? If so then get in touch.

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